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Sound Insulation In Melbourne

For many Melbourne residents, noise from outside can be a significant problem. A combination of traffic, public transport, neighbours and construction work can create disturbances and cause you stress and discomfort. No one wants to live in their house worrying about these concerns. Instead, they want peace of mind knowing that they won’t be woken early in the morning or kept awake at night by the noise. Fortunately, the team of specialists at SL Insulation can provide state-of-the-art sound insulation for Melbourne homes and other properties.


Benefits Of Sound Insulation

At SL Insulation, we understand that you don’t want noises from outside penetrating inside your home. For this reason, we’re proud to supply and install sound insulation in Melbourne using high-quality Knauf Earthwool batts. Knauf Earthwool batts offer unparalleled acoustic performance as well as excellent thermal resistance and energy efficiency.

Made from recycled glass fibres using an innovative bio-based binder technology, our Knauf Earthwool sound insulation is also environmentally sustainable. This means it is odourless, light and resilient, as well as resistant to bacteria, mould and other undesirable elements.

Using our sound insulation in Melbourne, you can rest assured that your home will be insulated from disruptive outside noises. You can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that each individual room will feature acoustic insulation. For example, you can watch the television in the living room without worrying about the noise upsetting a family member trying to sleep in their bedroom.


Install Sound Insulation In Melbourne

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