Knauf Earth wool

Why Use Knauf Earth Wool Insulation?

Knauf Earthwool® Insulation takes the insulating properties provided by traditional mineral wool insulating products and enhances them even further – it offers not only the expected benefits such as outstanding acoustic performance, thermal resistance and energy efficiency, but it also has an A1 fire rating so you know that it’s as safe as possible.

Knauf Earthwool®, however, also has one other huge difference – it’s environmentally sustainable. Manufactured from recycled glass bottles with an innovative bio-based binder technology, its brown colour is natural and it contains no added artificial dyes. This also makes the insulation much softer than traditional materials, reducing the level of itch and discomfort involved during installation. It has no odour, is light and resilient, and is resistant to fungi, mould, bacteria and vermin.

It can also be recycled when it’s come to the end of its life-cycle. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it will have a minimal impact on the environment while having a maximum impact on the comfort of your home.

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